Reception assembly

What Early Years got up to this week in the Prep School

Reception assembly


This week we have been exploring how and why it is important to look after the world we live in. We shared some lovely books including ‘Clean up!’ by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola, ‘Michael Recycle’ by Ellie Bethel. We learnt about how we can help look after the world by turning off lights, recycling and not wasting resources.


We used our knowledge from our ‘Understanding the World’ topic to design a poster and write full sentences on how we can look after the world. The children had some lovely ideas and really enjoyed sharing them.


This week during phonics we focused on long vowel sounds CCVC, CCCVC, CCV and CCVCC. This included reading words such as street, screech and screen. In our daily phonic sessions, we continued to read a sentence and then write it, as well focusing on 3 spelling. We are reminding the children to check and make sure it is a good sentence by including a capital letter, finger spaces and punctuation.


In independent Maths work this week we challenged the children to problem solve, addition, subtractions and sharing questions. For example. 10 = 12 – ___. Share 15 between 3. During carpet inputs we have started to explore building maps, giving instructions and describing positions. We encouraged the children to use the language ‘build, recreate, behind, below, next to, opposite, under, in front of’.


Saturday 5th October 2024

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