Farringtons School boasts a rich history, dating back to 1908. Nestled in the heart of Chislehurst, Kent, the school has evolved over the century, becoming a renowned institution known for its academic excellence and nurturing environment.

Early Beginnings

Farringtons’ story began in 1908 as a Methodist girls’ school. The school quickly established itself, providing a strong academic foundation and fostering a strong Christian ethos. In 1928, a royal charter solidified Farringtons’ position as a prestigious educational institution.

Growth and Change

The following decades witnessed continued growth for Farringtons. The school expanded its facilities and curriculum, offering a well-rounded education that emphasized not just academics but also personal development, creativity, and extracurricular activities.

A significant milestone arrived in 2010 when Farringtons transitioned into a co-educational school, welcoming both boys and girls. This decision reflected the school’s commitment to inclusivity and providing a diverse learning environment.

Farringtons Today

Today, Farringtons School thrives as a vibrant co-educational institution. The school motto, “Posside Sapientiam” (latin for “growing in wisdom”), reflects its dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals with a strong academic foundation, moral compass, and a spirit of curiosity.

Farringtons takes pride in its long and distinguished history. The school continues to evolve while staying true to its core values, providing an exceptional education that prepares pupils not only for academic success but also for becoming responsible and compassionate global citizens.


Saturday 5th October 2024

For all families who are interested in finding out more about our Early Years, Prep School and Senior School. During the morning you will have the opportunity to explore our superb facilities (guided by one of our current pupils), hear from the Head, listen to a pupil Q&A (Senior School sessions only), talk to our dedicated team of teachers and view the inspiring educational and co-curricular activities available to your child.