What to Know About Boarding

The boarding community at Farringtons School aims to provide and nurture a caring, stimulating, Christian, family environment that is secure and safe and where pupils’ relationships with their peers and members of staff are open, positive and long-lasting.


  • To provide a caring Christian home for all boarders, regardless of race, age, gender or belief
  • To encourage boarders to support one another and learn to live together as a community, developing skills of responsibility and reliability
  • To encourage honesty, trust and respect between staff and boarders
  • To educate boys and girls together in the same community, to give them the capacity to relate to and understand the other sex on equal terms
  • To foster the development of confidence, courtesy and compassion
  • To encourage learning and growth so that each individual reaches his or her full potential, developing their personality and self-esteem
  • To encourage friendships both within a peer group and across a range of age groups
  • To promote teamwork and develop community spirit
  • To provide a broad education, offering academic, cultural, social, creative and sporting opportunities
  • To foster co-operation and collaboration between parents, staff, guardians and pupils
  • To develop an appreciation of, and sensitivity to, the needs, dignity and rights of others, as well as moral and aesthetic awareness
  • To balance freedom with responsibility and promote a culture of self-discipline

How Many Boarding Houses are There?

Boarders live in one of the two boarding houses:

  • South House for boys in Years 7 to Year 13
  • West House for girls in Years 7 to Year 13

Each house is led by a team of house parents and supported by the School Healthcare Team.


South House serves as our boys’ boarding residence at Farringtons School. With accommodation for up to 41 boys, including single, double, and triple rooms, South House ensures that every student feels at home amidst their peers.

The Sixth Form boys primarily occupy the first floor, enjoying priority access to single and double rooms. Our kitchen features a welcoming breakfast bar where boarders can gather, with a fridge regularly stocked with refreshments for our growing young men. Additionally, the kitchen boasts a large TV equipped with a communal PlayStation 5, offering popular games such as FIFA 23, Fortnite, and Spiderman: Miles Morales. For those not inclined towards gaming, our activity room provides a table tennis table, piano, and ample seating for socialising after school.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to engage them, with access to footballs, rugby balls, basketballs, and other equipment for outdoor play or use in our sports hall. We also organise trips to the local driving range for those interested in golf.

Each room in South House offers individual space for clothes storage, including a wardrobe and several drawers, as well as a personal desk and shelves for books and belongings. Lockable cupboards are provided to ensure the safety of valuables.

Set against the serene backdrop of Scadbury Woods, South House enjoys proximity to large playing fields used regularly. Weekends are filled with off-site adventures, including go-karting, visits to London, Thorpe Park, and bowling. On-site activities range from basketball, futsal, tennis, dodgeball, and badminton to gym workouts and swimming in our heated pool.

During the Summer Term, evening barbecues are a regular delight, accompanied by drinks, snacks, and marshmallow toasting around the fire—an ideal setting for conversation and stargazing.


West House provides a cosy, home-like environment for up to thirty-six girls, offering a mix of single and double rooms, with a larger room accommodating four girls for those who prefer to share. Our priority is to ensure that Sixth Formers have single rooms, though all rooms are equipped with desks, lamps, ample storage space, and modern wardrobes. Recently renovated with new furniture, carpets, and linens, our rooms are designed for comfort and functionality.

The house features excellent facilities, including a modern kitchen where girls can prepare light snacks and hot drinks after school.

In the evenings, West House becomes a hub of activity, with staff making popcorn and hot chocolate for the girls to enjoy while they discuss their day. Our spacious and comfortable lounge serves as a versatile space for various activities, such as yoga sessions, pamper nights, manicures, game nights, birthday parties, and film screenings. The girls also organise fashion shows, cooking competitions, and other engaging events alongside their studies. Boarding activities extend to the gym, basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool, and barbecues, fostering a sense of family and fun within the boarding community.

The dedicated team of staff in West House reside in their own apartments on the same corridors as the girls, providing round-the-clock support. They share a genuine passion for their work, actively engaging with the girls by assisting with homework, organising activities, dining with them, and being available for chats and assistance whenever needed.

Together, they strive to create an extended family atmosphere where boarders feel at home and cherished. Their unwavering dedication ensures that each girl’s boarding experience is not only joyful but also memorable.

“The best thing about boarding is having people around you all the time.  There is always someone to play football and basketball with and games such as Uno and Jenga and of course compete with on the Play Station!  Lessons work differently from my school in Kenya and the teachers interact with us much more with a lot of one-to-one support.” Jamal – Year 9

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