Welcome to Farringtons School! We are delighted you are interested in joining our vibrant school community. We believe in nurturing every child’s potential within a supportive and stimulating environment. Farringtons offer a well-rounded education for pupils aged 3-18, catering to both day and boarding pupils.


We understand that choosing the right school is a crucial decision. Our admissions process is designed to be informative and welcoming. We encourage you to explore the following resources to learn more about our offerings and determine if Farringtons is the right fit for your child.

Key Admissions Stages

The admissions process varies slightly depending on the age group your child is applying for. Here’s a general outline of what to expect:

  • Early Years & Prep School (Ages 3-11): registration forms are accepted throughout the year. Assessment typically involves a play session for younger children and a more formal assessment for older children
  • Year 7 entry (Ages 11+): registration closes on 8th November, 2024. The admissions process includes a completed registration form, teacher reports, entrance exams, and an interview
  • Sixth Form entry: registration closes on 6th December, 2024. The admissions process includes a completed registration form, teacher reports, and an interview.

Find out more about our admissions process.

Prep playground

Contact Us

We welcome your enquiries! Our Admissions Team is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

  • Day places:, 020 8467 2560
  • Boarding places:, 020 8467 2560

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Farringtons community.


Saturday 5th October 2024

For all families who are interested in finding out more about our Early Years, Prep School and Senior School. During the morning you will have the opportunity to explore our superb facilities (guided by one of our current pupils), hear from the Head, listen to a pupil Q&A (Senior School sessions only), talk to our dedicated team of teachers and view the inspiring educational and co-curricular activities available to your child.