At Farringtons, our commitment to pupil success extends beyond the classroom.  We encompass a comprehensive approach to preparing our pupils for their future endeavours. Our initiative is designed to equip pupils with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for life beyond school. The Gatsby Benchmarks guide the school’s Careers Programme, ensuring it provides a robust and supportive framework that addresses the diverse needs and aspirations of its pupils.

Careers Day Talk

These benchmarks serve as guiding principles for our Careers Programme. We ensure that we provide a robust and supportive framework that addresses the diverse needs and aspirations of our pupils:

A stable careers program

We maintain a consistent and structured approach to careers education, providing pupils with ongoing guidance and support throughout their academic journey.

Learning from career and labour market information

We empower pupils to make informed decisions by providing access to up-to-date information about career pathways and labour market trends.

Addressing the needs of each pupil

Recognising the individuality of each pupil, we tailor our careers program to meet their unique interests, abilities, and aspirations.

Linking curriculum learning to careers

We integrate career-related learning into the curriculum, helping pupils understand the relevance and applicability of their academic studies to future career opportunities.

Encounters with employers and employees

We facilitate meaningful interactions between pupils and professionals from various industries, allowing them to gain insights into different career paths and develop valuable networks.

Experiences of workplaces

Through work experience placements and internships, we provide pupils with first hand exposure to real-world work environments, enabling them to develop practical skills and insights.

Encounters with further and higher education

We offer opportunities for pupils to explore further and higher education options, including visits to universities and colleges, guest lectures, and guidance on application processes.

Personal guidance

we provide individualised guidance and support to pupils, helping them navigate their career pathways and make informed decisions about their future.

As part of our commitment to careers education, pupils participate in a dedicated careers curriculum embedded within their PHSE lessons. Additionally, we maintain a comprehensive record of our university entrants and pupil destinations, offering transparency and accountability in our efforts to support pupils’ transition into higher education or the workforce.

At Farringtons, we are dedicated to empowering our pupils to thrive in an ever-changing world, and our commitment to careers education is a testament to this ongoing mission.

Any further questions relating to careers or work experience can be emailed to: Ruth Ashworth or Rebecca Miah – Joint Head of Careers.

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Saturday 5th October 2024

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