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Farringtons Prep School is set in 25 acres of beautiful grounds; an ideal location between the Kent countryside and the London metropolis.

At Farringtons, we feel privileged that parents choose our remarkable school, entrusting us with their child’s development and progress. At the Prep School, we strike a fine balance between academic rigour and a nurturing atmosphere. Pupils are encouraged to excel, to thrive, to challenge themselves. This means that our pupils develop a growth mindset, knowing that they can achieve no matter what they want through perseverance and dedication.

In the Prep School we are blessed with a team of highly skilled practitioners who are able to differentiate lessons effectively, providing both extension and challenge to our pupils. Children are encouraged to engage in deeper thinking and reasoning, asking those questions such as, “How? Why?” This means that our children become critical enquirers, who are eventually equipped to move onto their next phase of education in the Senior School. We are always stretching and inspiring our pupils, in order for them to reach their full potential.

Within the Prep School, we not only focus on the core areas of Mathematics and English, but provide a rich and broad curriculum, supplemented by expert teaching from colleagues in the Senior School.  In addition, our timetable is complemented by a whole range of extra-curricular activities. We pride ourselves on our sporting and musical achievements, with the school offering a whole range of physical activities and fixtures, as well as specialist music teaching and peripatetic tuition.

The onsite Forest School is a wonderful learning space, in which our children can be imaginative and improve their problem-solving skills. Our play areas, seating, pond garden, outdoor classroom, woodland walks, wildflower areas and all-weather sports areas foster an invaluable appreciation of nature and a love of the outdoors. Our newly renovated Early Years outdoor learning environment and playground also provide unrivalled opportunities for enjoyment and creativity.

Our motto, ‘Posside Sapientiam’, means ‘growing in wisdom’. We know that every day, whilst your children are in our care, we will fully immerse them in skills, which will embolden them, making them wiser citizens.

We warmly invite you to visit our superb school so that you can experience for yourself the energy and dynamism of Farringtons.

Mr Rishi Boyjoonauth
Head of Prep School

What's new in our Prep School

Philosophy for Children

This academic year we have introduced Philosophy for Children (P4C) to our Prep School curriculum.  

P4C improves children’s critical, creative and rigorous thinking. It helps to develop higher order thinking skills, improve communication skills and helps children learn to co-operate with others. Children learn to reflect before speaking, ensuring that they are clear in their minds about their conclusions, before expressing themselves.

The skills that children acquire in P4C, are applied to all areas of the curriculum to a staggering degree. The ability to concentrate, to think beyond the obvious, to listen and evaluate and to form their own opinions have extremely beneficial outcomes. 

Maths Mastery

Last year we introduced the maths mastery approach of teaching into our mathematical curriculum. This is based around the key concepts of fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Significant time is spent developing deep knowledge of the key ideas that are needed to underpin future learning. The structure and connections within the mathematics are emphasised, so that pupils develop deep learning that can be sustained. This in turn ensures that children have a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.

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