Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Key Stage 2
Farringtons School

Key Stage 2

In KS2, all children continue to be taught the enhanced National Curriculum subjects as well as ​Wellbeing which includes the Government recommended provision for personal, social, health, economic and relationships education.

The breakdown is as follows for the core subjects and PE:

  • English and Mathematics: 5 hours
  • Science: 3 hours 
  • PE: 4 hours.

Junior School students Photography lesson

In English, key texts or excerpts are taught throughout each year to ensure coverage of the full range of genre and skills. We teach discreet spelling, grammar, text level and comprehension lessons.

In Mathematics, mathematical knowledge/ concepts are applied to everyday situations. Multiplication and division skills are developed and applied to finding unit and non-unit fractions to multiply them by whole numbers.

Children who are more able and those with additional educational needs are identified and interventions are put in place to help address their needs. Children needing further encouragement and support may also work in small groups with our team of learning support teachers.

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  • Key Stage 2 sample day:

Key Stage 2 Sample Day

7:45Running club: For the children who are interested, it involves a 2km run around the Farringtons grounds to improve speed and build stamina. Early morning swimming is another option.
8.30 Registration.
8.50 Chapel: The Junior School joins together in the chapel and a ‘service’ led by the School Chaplain underlines fundamental British values and promotes a tolerant, supportive Christian ethos.
9.20English: For example, studying fictional texts using the book ‘Kensuke's Kingdom’. The skills learned from the lesson mean that the children will use commas to indicate parenthesis and adverbials to link ideas across paragraphs. May be as ability sets but always through differentiation.
10.20 - 10:50 Games: Activities vary depending on the time of year. For example, in spring,the girls take part in netball, football, cross country, gymnastics/multi skills and swimming and the boys take part in football, rugby, cross country, gymnastics/multi skills and swimming.
10:50 Break.
11.05Maths: Maybe as ability sets and always through with differentiation, the children will work with teacher input and the school calculation policy to develop multiplication and division skills. This, for example, is applied to finding unit and non-unit fractions to multiply them by whole numbers
12.05 – 1.10Lunch.
1.10 - 1.20Registration
1.20 - 3.40Creative Arts: Specialist Secondary teachers teach subjects like ‘Food,’ where, for example, the children will complete a project in product design and the making of smoothies. The children will taste, test and make a smoothie.
3.45End of the day. The children are able to select from a variety of clubs, including choir, drama and various sports events. They may also join FIZ to take part in the various activities on offer.

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