Flexi Boarding
Flexi Boarding
Flexi Boarding
Farringtons School

Flexi Boarding

Farringtons School is in a unique position within its location in that it has a thriving boarding community as well as day pupils.

We would like to highlight the opportunity of using flexi-boarding at Farringtons in order to help with the busy lifestyles that many families have, as well as introducing boarding to pupils who may want to consider it in the future.

Our flexi-boarding costs are probably more reasonable than you think and in order that everyone can experience boarding, every Senior pupil has the opportunity for one free sleepover each academic year!

If you need to be away for business (or pleasure) or you have other urgent commitments like caring for a family member, then you can book your child into flexi-boarding. Normally we require at least 24 hours’ notice, but we can also help in a real emergency. 

Perhaps your son or daughter would like to prioritise studying and might find the school environment better suited, particularly around the exam period? Or maybe they have a friend who boards here and they would like to try the boarding experience?

Subject to bed availability, flexi-boarding is available to all pupils in the Senior School from Years 7 – 13. 


  • 1 night flexi-boarding - free
  •  2 – 10 nights flexi-boarding - £35.00 per night
  • 11+ nights flexi-boarding - £72.00 per night.

One night of flexi-boarding includes an evening meal, breakfast, supervised evening prep and the chance to join any organised boarding activities, e.g. Swimming, Scuba Diving or Yoga. 

Flexi-boarding costs will be added to termly invoices, unless otherwise agreed. 

If you have any questions or you would like to book your son or daughter into flexi-boarding, please email Mrs Vail ([email protected]) for a booking form.

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