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At Farringtons School we believe that leadership, loyalty, participation and a healthy competitive spirit are just some of the elements of first-class education. 

Our House system, alongside the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, provides an important vehicle for enabling our pupils to develop a “can-do” spirit which will serve them well during, and beyond, their time at Farringtons.
Our four competitive houses are named after previous Headmistresses, Hatton, Davies, Fisher and Wilson.

We offer opportunities for pupils of all ages to experience a sense of contributing to the greater good, whilst enjoying the highs (and occasional lows) of competition in everything from football, netball and debating, to our very own University Challenge quiz. We even have a festive Santa Fun Run during which points towards the House trophy can be earned. 

Throughout the year pupils, led by our Heads of Houses and House Captains, learn that organisation, participation and enthusiastic support is often the key to victory. 

Pupils, parents and staff alike become incredibly loyal to “their” House and one of the first points of discussion at an alumni event is always “which House were you in?” 

Pupils are proud to be members of the Farringtons community but it is when representing their House that we see even the quietest member of the community display a new inner-zeal and previously hidden talents. 

Discovering such talents and potential is of course at the heart of a Farringtons education. Winning the end of year House trophy is just a bonus. Well, maybe it’s more important than that!

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