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World Water Day 

On Tuesday 22nd March, it was World Water Day, so Roger Brown from Water Aid came to talk to the Junior School. He told us some interesting facts about water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH). We were shocked to learn that 780 million people don’t have safe water and 1,400 children die each day from diseases due to dirty water. Lots of people in places like Nepal wash their clothes in lakes. In Jakarta, Indonesia, some people have good water and some people suffer from dirty water.

Water Aid works in places like India and Africa. They help communities to have clean water by providing pumps and wells and they help them with sanitation by providing toilets, like the pit latrine, which don’t use water. This is good because they don’t waste water, which is a maximum of 10 litres per day for some people.

We are all very grateful that we have clean water, after seeing how some people suffer from dirty water. So make sure that you save water and join us in raising money for Water Aid.

Written By Ruby Byrne, Sofia-Plum Maher, Liyanda Nxara, Ivanna Tymczyszyn (5L)

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