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Work Experience Programme

We believe that for students to succeed, both as individuals and in the wider economic sense, the acquisition of new skills is vital

Having progressed to Sixth Form, it is inevitable that students will soon be looking for a career in a rapidly changing world. A successful period of work experience can help young people to prepare for this process of change and develop a range of transferable skills which will be invaluable in the future, particularly for higher education.

Over the course of Year 12, pupils are required to undertake a period of work experience during the summer term. Although the School has a network of contacts, the onus is on each student to find a placement relevant to their higher education or career interest.

Once a suitable placement has been found the ‘Work Experience Parental Consent & Medical Form’ should be completed with the details of the placement (once provisionally arranged with the employer). The School will confirm arrangements with the employer/institution and, where necessary, check the suitability of the venue. The employer must also complete the ‘Work Experience Employer’s Health & Safety Form’ and return this to the student. After the student has undertaken the programme, the employer completes the ‘Work Experience Student Achievement Form’ to highlight the student’s efforts.