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From Junior to Senior

Moving up or starting a new school is an exciting time 

"How much homework will I have?"

"How am I going to get to school?"

"Who do I talk to if there is a problem?"

"Will I make new friends?"

"What happens if I get lost?"

"Will the teachers cater for my ability?"

At Farringtons, we provide many opportunities for these and other important questions to be answered, both for our own Junior School pupils and for those applying to us from other schools.

As well as the traditional Open Mornings, Farringtons also offers a taster morning, normally in the week before our Entrance Examinations. Children are invited to come along and take part in two fun workshops. Past workshops have included trampolining, cookery, dance, pottery, drama, craft, music, murder mysteries, astronomy, new languages and games. As well as having fun, children get to meet one another, become familiar with the school surroundings and meet the staff who will be with them during their examination day.

For children who choose Farringtons as their Senior School, an Induction Day is organised during the Summer Term, when they are able to spend the day here. Children are organised into their form groups and spend some of their time with their Form Tutor, who will explain everything they need to know before they start in September. Parents are also invited to attend in the evening to meet their child’s Form Tutor and other members of staff.

Finally, the Year 7 pupils start one day earlier than other pupils in September, so they can familiarise themselves with the school before term commences in earnest.

Moving up from  Junior School 

Moving from our Juniors to the Senior School is made much easier through ensuring continuity in the academic curriculum and by the integration and camaraderie engendered by excellent pastoral care.

The School site itself is familiar and children will have established relationships with some of the staff they encounter at the beginning of their secondary education. Everything is in place for a smooth and secure transition from one part of the School to the next and the Junior School staff continue to enjoy watching the children flourish as they develop, little by little, a sense of responsibility and mature towards adulthood.

A team of tutors across the Upper Junior and Lower Secondary years ensures that pupils remain motivated, happy and harmonious in their friendships as they take the next important step in their educational careers.

If, on rare occasions, transferring to the Senior School is not in the best interests of the pupil, parents will be invited to discuss this with the Head during Year 5, so that a way forward can be discussed and agreed.

Transferring from another school

Pupils who join us from other schools can also be assured that their transfer will be as smooth as possible and that any worries or concerns will be addressed before they start. The Assistant Head visits every new entrant in their Junior environment in the term preceeding transfer to the Seniors to ensure continuity of care and academic progress.

New pupils are monitored very carefully to ensure that they are making friends, becoming familiar with their studies and settling into their new routine.