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Principles and Practices

The boarding community at Farringtons School aims to provide and nurture a caring, stimulating, Christian family environment that is secure and safe and where pupils’ relationships with their peers and members of staff are open, positive and long lasting.


  • To provide a caring Christian home for all boarders, regardless of race, age, gender or belief
  • To encourage boarders to support one another and learn to live together as a community developing skills of responsibility and reliability
  • To encourage honesty, trust and respect between staff and boarders
  • To educate boys and girls together in the same community, to give them the capacity to relate to and understand the other sex on equal terms
  • To foster the development of confidence, courtesy and compassion
  • To encourage learning and growth so that each individual reaches his/ her full potential, developing their personality and self-esteem
  • To encourage friendships both within a peer group and across a range of age groups
  • To promote teamwork and develop community spirit
  • To provide a broad education, offering academic, cultural, social, creative and sporting opportunities
  • To foster co-operation and collaboration between parents, staff, guardians and pupils
  • To develop an appreciation of and sensitivity to the needs, dignity and rights of others, as well as moral and aesthetic awareness
  • To balance freedom with responsibility and promote a culture of self-discipline


Boarders live in one of the three boarding houses:

  • South House for boys in Year 7 to Year 13
  • West House for girls in Years 7 to Year 13
  • East House for boys in Years 12 and 13

Each house is led by a team of House Parents and supported by a day school nurse.

Ultimately the Head is responsible for all school matters, including boarding. However, on a day-to-day basis the House Parents report to the Assistant Head of Pastoral and Boarding for pastoral care matters.


The majority of boarders have twin study bedrooms, with single study bedrooms for Year 13 students where possible, and every pupil has their own lockable area. Within communal areas, pupils have access to computers (for work and leisure), televisions, DVD players and public telephones. All the houses have appropriate common room, laundry, showering, toilets and Internet facilities.

With permission, boarders also have access to school facilities outside normal lesson times, including the Sports Hall, Weights Room, Tennis Courts, Library, ICT facilities and the Art Block.

Welfare Support 

Farringtons has a full-time, fully qualified nurse on site during the school day. Medical support is available for all boarders, 24 hours a day, during term time.

Counselling is available at set times by appointment.

Special Requirements 

The School can cater for certain additional educational and welfare requirements, such as learning support or extra English language tuition for overseas pupils.