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  • Physics trip to CERN

    Published 14/04/16

    On 22nd February, a mixture of GCSE, AS and A-level physics students took off to Geneva, to visit the one and only Large Hadron Collider on the border of France and Switzerland. We stayed in a great hostel in the centre of Geneva, with an amazing table football pitch where many matches took place! On our first day out, we went to CERN - the European Organisation for Nuclear research. This is the world’s largest and most complex scientific instrument to study the basic constituents of matter; the particles are made to collide near to the speed of light. The studies which take place there help scientists understand big questions, such as ‘How did it all start?’ and ‘What is the universe made of?’. After a walk around an exhibition to see the accelerators, we went to CERN’s canteen, where thousands of scientists join to discuss ideas. We were lucky enough to have a talk by one of the working scientists at ATLAS, who explained what a normal day is like. Next, a retired scientist showed us around the first Hadron Collider, which is now shut down, and explained all of its workings and how they used that model to design the Large Hadron Collider.

    On the second day we went on an outing to the Plasma and Fusion Centre in Lausanne, where they investigate the future of generating electricity through nuclear fusion. We had the opportunity to be guided around their world famous plasma machine (the TOKAMAK), by an expert in the field. The next day we visited the United Nations, a focal point for diplomacy across the world, which is housed at the Palais des Nations. We saw all the trademark features, including the Broken Chair and Barcelò’s ‘The Sea’.

    On our final day, we took the chance to visit Geneva’s old town and the ‘Jet d’Eau’ - one of the city’s most famous landmarks. We had a lovely day sightseeing and exploring the area. Overall, the week was a fantastic opportunity and everyone was sad to leave Switzerland. We’d like to say a big thank you to Mrs Daws and Mr Watson for organising such an amazing trip.

    By Elysia Hackett and Chloe Batchford

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  • Performing Shakespeare Competition

    Published 14/04/16

    On Thursday the 25Th of February seven pupils from Years Seven, Eight and Nine attended the Performing Shakespeare semi-finals at the English Speaking Union in Mayfair. All seven of us had been asked to prepare and learn a monologue or duologue by Shakespeare and then perform it in front of a rather scary panel of Judges.

    We had already competed in an earlier round of the competition and were delighted to find out that we had won through to the next stage. Mrs Denman, Miss Bliss and the seven lucky winners made our way up to London, filled with anticipation and excitement. Despite our nerves we all performed amazingly and were extremely proud of our performances. Sadly none of us made it through to the final but it was an amazing experience.

    Well done to everyone who took part and thank you Mrs Denman and Miss Bliss for organising and taking us.

    By Juliet Maher, speaking about the Performing Shakespeare competition.

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  • World Water Day¬†

    Published 14/04/16

    On Tuesday 22nd March, it was World Water Day, so Roger Brown from Water Aid came to talk to the Junior School. He told us some interesting facts about water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH). We were shocked to learn that 780 million people don’t have safe water and 1,400 children die each day from diseases due to dirty water. Lots of people in places like Nepal wash their clothes in lakes. In Jakarta, Indonesia, some people have good water and some people suffer from dirty water.

    Water Aid works in places like India and Africa. They help communities to have clean water by providing pumps and wells and they help them with sanitation by providing toilets, like the pit latrine, which don’t use water. This is good because they don’t waste water, which is a maximum of 10 litres per day for some people.

    We are all very grateful that we have clean water, after seeing how some people suffer from dirty water. So make sure that you save water and join us in raising money for Water Aid.

    Written By Ruby Byrne, Sofia-Plum Maher, Liyanda Nxara, Ivanna Tymczyszyn (5L)

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  • A Message From Malawi!

    Published 29/02/16

    This is a message from those in Malawi who, with our help, were able to assist the victims of last years Floods. 

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  • Why Not Run @ Farringtons

    Published 29/02/16

    Why Not Run @ Farringtons on the 17th April

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  • Year 9 History Trip - Northern France & Belgium

    Published 26/02/16

    Year 9 History Trip - Northern France & Belgium

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    Published 24/02/16
    The trip is going very well and the hostel that they are staying at is good. The above picture is a selfie taken yesterday in front of the Atlas control room at CERN. The group are off to Lausanne this morning.
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  • Farringtons School Arrives in Berlin

    Published 12/02/16

    Students safely arrive.

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  • Celebrating Success

    Published 03/02/16

    Celebrating Success

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  • Santa Fun Run

    Published 11/12/15

    Following the success of last year's Santa Fun Run, on Tuesday 8th December the Senior School took part in the 2015 event.

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  • Junior School Nativity Plays

    Published 09/12/15

    This week has seen the Junior School - EYFS, Y1 and Y2 - performing their own take on the Nativity in front of packed live audiences of parents and guardians.

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