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Additional Information


Throughout the school we follow an 'enhanced' national curriculum, which includes bi-lingual teaching in French from Years 1 to 6, to support linguistic development for the future. Foundation subjects such as Art and Geography are taught by specialist teachers in years 5 and 6. PE and games are taught, throughout, by PE specialists and often trained coaching staff, who work at the school. Music is a fundamental part of our curriculum and as well as a specialist music teacher covering all Year groups, we have a number of peripatetic teachers, teaching a wide range of instruments.

We have embedded our English in the thematic units to give the children a richer understanding of the topic. Families are actively encouraged to support their children’s learning through home learning tasks. Educational visits are often closely linked to these themes and play an integral part to extending children’s experiences and learning opportunities.

Enrichment Activities 

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities including educational visits for children to enjoy throughout the year groups.  Visitors from industry or with special interests also visit the classes to support and extend the children’s learning. After school and at lunch time there is a wide range of clubs and groups that the children can join such as sports, choir, dance and science. Specific extension groups are also offered to support children in raising their attainment.

Wrap-Around Care 

Farringtons Interactive Zone (FIZ) operates daily, before school (7.00 – 8.00am) and after school to 6.15pm, offering food, play and structured child care, children can join on a termly basis, as part of our 'wrap around care'. In holiday time we also offer 7 weeks of all-day child care, to support the needs of our working parents.

Home Learning 

Parents and children in EYFS, KS1 & 2 are expected to carry out a range of activities and tasks at home to extend and enrich the learning introduced within the school day. Homework is given out regularly, often four nights per week. All children are expected to read at home on a daily basis with an adult, for 15 to 20 minutes and to also read independently. Children learning a musical instrument are expected to practice every day.

Pastoral Care 

All children are placed within a class group. The class teacher and class support work in partnership with parents to ensure all children grow and develop into well rounded people. Each child is placed into one of three houses; Fisher (Yellow), Wilson (Blue) and Davies (Red).

House competitions and challenges nurture an enjoyment of team spirit and understanding of the importance of good manners in everyday life.

Behaviour Expectations 

Co-operative and positive behaviour is essential for children’s learning and we use structured and consistent rewards and praise to encourage good behaviour throughout. Children are regularly praised for their ability to make good choices and behave appropriately.

When children need reminding of our behaviour expectations, a carefully structured series of sanctions are used. Parents are regularly informed of their children’s good behaviour (Dojo points, stickers, stars and certificates) and concerns are quickly highlighted.


The aim of the Inclusion team is to enable all children to access the School Curriculum. It consists of specialist teachers who work closely with individual children to provide tailored support and guidance. This includes a School Counsellor.

All children have individual needs and we wish to support and encourage them to fulfil their potential at Farringtons by helping them, and the teaching staff, to meet those needs and by removing any barriers to achievement.

The Inclusion team sees parents as partners and works closely with them. Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate learning support teacher in EYFS, KS1 or KS2 with any concerns.

Highly Able Provision 

The all-through school is developing the 'Excel Programme' where talented children in many areas are invited to extend their learning and experiences through the academic subjects, arts, sports and leadership.