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French Department

French is an important vibrant language spoken by more than 128 million speakers in around 33 countries across the world.

At Farringtons School we aim for all our students to achieve both a good working knowledge of the language and an awareness and appreciation of the huge cultural, social and historical diversity and heritage of French-speaking nations.

French is offered to all students as an option in Year 7 to be taken alongside the core Spanish subject and to be continued until the end of Year 9.

In KS4 students have the choice of studying the AQA GCSE course. Finally, in the  Sixth Form, students will follow the 2 year AQA A Level course.

It is our aim to foster a passion for languages at Farringtons School and we organise regular extra-curricular trips, clubs and activities to help achieving this.


We follow Équipe Nouvelle textbook and we build a database of grammar and vocabulary over the three years.


During 2 years students will prepare this new AQA examination with the textbook AQA GCSE French Higher.

A Level

For 2 years  students will follow the new A Level AQA examination with the following textbooks, AQA French A Level Year 1 and AS and AQA French A Level Year 2.