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The A Level in Economics is intended to give students an understanding of economic theories and concepts. It enables students to develop critical thinking of the current economic problems faced by a typical economy. Students are required to apply their economic knowledge to the various economic challenges within a country with a view of finding the best solution that will resolve the economic issue at hand.

The study of Economics usually gives students a global view of the world and how different governments approach their individual market economy while maintaining worldwide solutions to the problem of scarcity of resources.

The new AS/A Level specification is broken down as follows:

  1. Students can opt to take AS in the first year. There are two modules in the first year:
    • Paper 1: Micro-Economics - The Operation of Markets and Market Failure
    • Paper 2: Macro-Economics - The National Economy in a Global Context
  2. Students opting for a two year A Level will need to study three modules over the period as shown below:
    • Paper 1: Micro-Economics – Markets and Market Failure
    • Paper 2: Macro-Economics - National and International Economy
    • Paper 3: Micro/Macro-Economics - Economic Principles and Issues