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Easter Holiday Provisions

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

We are writing to you regarding travel arrangements over the coming Easter holidays in the light of current guidance from the UK Government on the Coronavirus. At present we are being told that only those who have been to Hubei, Iran or restricted areas of South Korea and Italy need to self-isolate for 14 days if coming to the UK. Those from China and a range of other countries listed on the UK public health websites need only do so if they become symptomatic – high temperature, cough etc.

Of course this could change at any time and whilst we understand children wishing to be with their families over the holidays we must also urge caution and note that any travel plans may be subject to further restriction and isolation requirements. After a great deal of consideration we are unable to support any boarders’ self-isolating in School and will not be able to remain open during the Easter holidays. Therefore we strongly encourage our pupils to either remain in the UK over Easter or to at least factor in self-isolation plans and timings upon their return. This is particularly important for those with public exams starting almost as soon as the Summer Term begins.

We have on our website a list of possible residential courses and boarding schools which may be able to help with your Easter plans and accommodation arrangements. They can be found here:


We will do our best to keep you informed but we strongly encourage you to monitor the news and guidance from the UK Government as information is changing on an almost daily basis.

Best wishes

Simon Smith

Head of Boarding




学校根据目前英国政府对新冠病毒的指导,就即将到来的复活节假期的旅行安排与您写信沟通。目前,我们被告知,去过湖北、伊朗或韩国和意大利限制地区的人,如果来到英国,必须要自我隔离14天。英国公共卫生网站 上列出的来自于中国其他省份和其他国家的人,只有当他们出现发烧、咳嗽等症状也需要自我隔离14天。